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This wiki delves into the lore behind The Table, a group of young delinquents with little-to-no direction in life.

Explore the members:

Adam Demarti

Bailey Shepard

Bradley Wake

Brandon Spear

Brock Fitzpatrick

Cameron Jude

Ciriel Lozano

Jethro Harrison

Luke Fyfe

Michael Tamm

Michelle Kowalczyk

Mitchell Wagenhauser

Mitchell Oliver

Owen Scholes

Rangi Scanlon

Wanny Riduan

The TableEdit

The Table, a group of individuals who are destined to survive the depths of hell struggling to live through a vast amount of Era's working together to stay as one whole community as they all try to survive.

Please Note the Abbreviations for era

  • BT - Before Table
    • BTE - Before Table Eaton Primary
    • BTT - Before Table Twin Tree
    • BTG - Before Table Glen Huon Primary
    • BTP - Before Table Picton Primary
  • TE - Table Era
    • TEK - Table Era, The Kyle Sage
  • CE - Couch Era (Current Era)

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